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  1. Reality Star photo shoot next week
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  24. potential 1st commercial work (unpaid)
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  26. first commercial session :)
  27. That's a wrap!
  28. Sonnet Gown by EB
  29. Don't you just LOVE her hair?
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  31. Sans Props
  32. Parents Magazine Aug 2011
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  35. On a Train
  36. Confidence on Executing a Stylized Shoot
  37. HELP!!! Race Track Shoot
  38. Can't Choose
  39. I have my first two commercial shoots this week! Any tips?
  40. Has anyone done the pics for schools?
  41. How did you all get into commercial photography?
  42. My first commercial gig! Large share
  43. A friend's business
  44. Event Photography Pricing
  45. Ok so my secret is out
  46. Album Cover shoot and itunes song debuted today
  47. so proud of this shoot!
  48. Need help with fees!
  49. Tips to get Editorial/Cmmercial gigs?
  50. tell me what to charge, please!!!
  51. Has anyone shot for restaurants and/or chefs? Feeling hopeful...
  52. Social Media Share Disclaimer
  53. How to respond to this request?
  54. This was a challenge for me...
  55. In the field...
  56. Commercial Photography Pricing Help Needed
  57. Help me answer a request to use my photos for a children's book
  58. Eden's Bouquet Nightgown
  59. Eden's Bouquet Swimsuit
  60. HELP please, Shadows - how do you get rid of them?
  61. Two Birds With One Stone
  62. Kids Commercial Photography Workshop
  63. The Sabra Gown
  64. Band Photography
  65. Dance studio photos
  66. CD Cover!
  67. I have been asked to shoot a group photo (about 65 people) for a small business he...
  68. Agreement for photos of local bakery...?
  69. Swim team photos... lens for group shot? Prices? Packages?
  70. An editorial job I shot for Babiekins Magazine
  71. A Sneak Peek
  72. Jewel :)
  73. Dressed. A shift dress company.
  74. Event singer!
  75. Boutique Lookbook Shoot
  76. My first boutique shoot with look book
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  81. fall 2013 lookbook shoot [with horses!]
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  83. Coffee Shop
  84. British Magazine
  85. Another Coffee Shop :)
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  96. Sunrise and Bicycles
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