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  24. Bra straps
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  27. mega haze and backlight
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  31. in a funk
  32. Mom & Dad
  33. help please, i'm desperate
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  36. savable?
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  38. My dog-Various amounts of light on background--SOOC
  39. balloon stuck in tree
  40. I'd love to see your play on these rock star pics!
  41. My Little Guy:)
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  43. Shadow-how to get rid of it, or minimize
  44. how to get rid of flare
  45. Someone fix this yellow
  46. fix THIS! :)
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  48. Please Help!! Con't
  49. Is this fixable?!? Heeelp please!
  50. My Guys...Need Help
  51. I dont think anything can be done..
  52. Desperately need help for a very difficult event
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  55. Need Help with Skin Tones and Color Casts!
  56. Needing a little magic on this one!
  57. Grrrr, having issues. Help?
  58. Forgot to Fix before I Shot... GRRR
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  61. need help
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  68. Sunflare
  69. Can Someone show me how to edit hazy images?????
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  71. smoothing dress wrinkles.
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  74. Play away....
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  77. Suggestions?
  78. I'm really bad at cloning...
  79. I need help repositioning someone
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  81. Am I the only one who hates clouds?
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  85. Commercial Job Help
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  88. play and cc (full sun)
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  92. Baby Picture
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  99. Stupid backlight
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  105. Finn in Field WB Disaster
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  107. surprise newborn=disaster!
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  109. HELP!!!
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