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The Launch Pad
New around here? Welcome friend! Begin here to grab some helpful info and start your journey.
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Forum Information (76/1,040)
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What's the haps? Here's your spot for all the latest news at Bloom.
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193 2,549
Got an idea to improve us? Post away! We're happy to hear it- after all, this is your space too!
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43 385
We love new faces! Start a thread here and give us a quick intro so we can find out what makes you tick.
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1,364 17,502
We're known for our world class workshops, find out the latest details right here.
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Bloom Vendors + Specials
Hob knob with the creative folks behind our superb sponsorships.
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Looking for a great deal? Watch for exclusive specials from our vendors here.
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Check out reviews of new products or sign up to help test out new and upcoming products from our vendors.
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Play with Us
Our contests are an easy way to dip your toe into sharing on the forum and keep you creating every week!
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148 5,381
Learn some new editing techniques while offering some of your own through this side by side editing group share, complete with how-to steps!
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74 1,329
Show It Off
Share your personal, non-client photos here.
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744 10,283
Share your current Boudoir, E-Session and Wedding session and photographs here.
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459 5,054
New arrival? Share your current maternity and newborn session and photographs here.
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904 11,432
Share your current children and family session and photographs here.
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1,902 25,159
Share your current documentary style sessions and photographs here.
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680 10,543
Share your teen and high school senior sessions and photographs here.
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327 4,046
Share your landscape and macro photographs here.
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Share your fur and feathered friend photographs here.
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Share your commercial use and photographs used for advertisements here.
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Share your intimate and arranged still and tabletop photographs here.
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118 1,596
Shoot something fun and off the beaten path? We like unique! Share away!
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202 2,311
All About Film
Share your film images here in the designated category. If you have a mix of stocks just post where ever you see fit. Please include the camera and film stock in your title. Any additional information about metering, developing and scanning shared in the post would be helpful and appreciated by your fellow filmies.
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512 7,504
Fuji 400H/800Z (109/1,531)
Instants (3/23)
Portra 160/400/800 (190/3,010)
Have general questions about shooting film? Or just want to chat something film specific? Post your thoughts and questions right here.
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93 820
Wondering where to start with film? Or how to use a light meter? We got it ALL covered with one our film tutorials or resourceful links to get you headed in the right direction.
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88 927
Film cameras of every format and size, light meters, film stocks and everything in between. Post your film gear specific conversations inside.
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109 1,116
Have questions about developing film at home or curious to see scan comparisons from different labs? Share your questions and experiences with us!
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61 551
Ready to make the leap and start using film in your business, find and share resources to help guide fellow film shooters to success.
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27 511
New to film or a seasoned pro come join in our film contests or explore and push your creativity with film in our next film challenge!
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11 314
Let's Talk Tools
Juggling metering and the photography triangle can be a bit tricky. Lets talk all things shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and beyond.
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81 1,031
Do your prefer back button focus, manual or somewhere in between? Join the discussion to determine how to achieve your sharpest photo in any scenario.
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48 752
We don't play favorites here! Whatever your team lets talk upgrades, recent gear rumors and technical questions! Got a new addition? We love when you show us photos from your new favorite gear.
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442 4,556
We love drama (when it comes to light that is)! Let's chat flash, lights, backgrounds and props.
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91 732
Computers, monitors, product reviews, industry updates, and tips on calibrations, hard drives, back-ups, Noiseware, memory cards and more.
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105 816
Find and share resources to motivate you to pick up your camera! Guide one another through prepping for, posing, or styling for creative shoots, your next personal project or what to pack for your next trip abroad.
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47 423
Here's the spot for questions and recommendations on fun gadgets including triggers, tripods, underwater housing and your favorite accessories to lug your gear.
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50 559
All About Post Processing
Check here for tutorials to help you through your toughest questions and hurdles in Adobe Photoshop. Have one of your own to share? Please do!
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101 1,531
Check here for tutorials to help you through your toughest questions and hurdles in Adobe Lightroom. Feel free to share your own helpful tutorial as a way to "pay it forward".
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29 256
Check here for tutorials to help you through your toughest questions and hurdles in Adobe Camera Raw and Bridge. Got a show and tell of your own to help your peers out? Post away!
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3 31
Need some step by step advice on how to read light or not sure how exactly freelensing works? We've got the goods you need from A to Z right here! We love new tutorials too so play to your strengths and share with us.
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71 1,187
Need some help kick starting an editing plan for your new favorite image? Post your image within (RAW if available) for members to experiment with.
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117 1,175
If a picture is worth a thousand words, we believe a dynamite edit must be worth twice that! Show us your side by sides here.
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116 1,663
Post all questions pertaining to Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom here.
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136 1,176
Post all questions pertaining to Adobe Photoshop and Elements here.
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257 2,176
Got a non software specific editing question or uncovered a great article pertaining to photo editing? Contribute here
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43 439
Business 101
Dig into how to price your business and determine your cost of goods for profitable business.
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288 2,999
Share new and favorite products for your business! Please provide links when available.
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338 2,910
Building a website or bog from scratch? Check here for our member's favorite current resources and post here for feedback and a completed site!
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445 4,393
Got a business question or uncovered a great article pertaining to industry business strategies? Share and trade peer insight and business advice here.
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1,043 10,148
Critique Me Please
In the beginning stages of photography and could use a little guidance to steer you in the right direction? Post an image right here for basic critique. Please do us a favor and add your settings within your post.
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545 5,415
Are you an experienced photographer looking to go a little deeper into a photo critique or offer feedback to a fellow photographer with theirs? Add your submission here.
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64 526
The Sharing Section
Share unlicensed actions and presets with your fellow members here.
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28 359
Share unlicensed overlays and textures with your fellow members here.
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8 92
Share unlicensed templates, including cards and blog collages, with your fellow members here.
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46 412
The Classifieds
Looking for a certain item? Post your ISO requests here to purchase from your trusted fellow members.
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141 569
Post here to sell your used camera equipment to your fellow members. Please include serial numbers when available.
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526 2,274
Coffee Talk
Off topic chat about anything and everything with fellow members here!
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2,424 30,045
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8 63
Looking to match up with photographers in your area? Look here for you region or start a new meet- up!
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The Bloom Collective (PRIVATE)
Bloom Photo School